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5 Tiny Habits to Change Your Life Big Time

Change Your Life 5 Tiny Habits to Get Started!

Are You Ready to Change Your Life…

Never under estimate the power of simple habits… a few tiny changes can change your life, they may sound easy but these 5 things can have a profound effect on your health and happiness! 

#1 Drink Before Breakfast

5 healthy habits andrea preece lie better

No, i’m not saying treat yourself to boozy beverage as soon as you hop out of bed… (unless it’s a very special occasion). Start the day by drinking a large glass of water before breakfast with some freshly squeezed lemon. While we sleep and rejuvenate the toxins built up over the day need to be released.

So before you grab a your java drink a large glass of water. This will help flush out those toxins to and get a jump on your day…  this will help you think more clearly, feeling more energized and productive.

So before you hit the pillow put your glass in front of your coffee maker, just a friendly reminder to for a fresh start to the day.

Andrea’s tip: A Cup of warm to hot water with a few drops of organic lemon juice.

#2 Do Nothing Today

change your life stretch

Take time to do nothing we’ve gotten into the habit of being busy that we rarely sit and do nothing.  Enjoy the rare quiet moments, leave the emails and social media they’ll be there after your relaxation break. 

Our brains need quiet, even for a few minutes, so before you pull out your phone take a deep breath, then another. Simply sit and breath. Just think of it as a mental time-out for yourself. Once you can do it for a few minutes a day you just mind find you crave the quiet. Just enjoy being for five little minutes.

This simple habit will refresh your mind, body, and spirit….it’s so beneficial you may just find yourself meditating daily. And, that a very good thing…

#3 Stretch It Out

change your life stretchIf your feel stiffing and sore after sitting all day at your desk or the daily commute it’s not only hurting you now but your future health. Science has proven that consistently sitting is worse for our health than smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. No if that’s doesn’t get you up and moving, nothing will!

Now you don’t have to do desk yoga, but it would be good, begin standing up and stretching for a few minutes at the beginning of each hour. Stand on your tippie toes, reach your arms high over your head and reach up to the sky. Worried about getting strange looks from your co-workers, well don’t…be a trend setter and the one with more energy at the end of the day!

#4 Clear Your Mind

clear your mind 5 tips to change your lifeI know you’ve heard of writing in a journal… you just have got around to it, yet!

Start small by doing writing your thoughts for just 5 minutes each day and clear your brain. It’s an excellent way to clear space, let off steam, your thoughts and worries off your mind as you empty them onto the page instead.

With a clearer mind you’ll sleep better, feel less worried and be less preoccupied. We get so worried that we might forget something that we get bogged down, journal it keep it and free up the brain space.

Keep a small notebook and have a favorite pen, and as you hand write feel the weight life off your shoulders. Just let it spill out on the page and then forget about it.

Tip: Idea’s – Journals and pens make wonderful gifts!

#5 Make Decisions

change your life make decisionsWe’ve all have those times when we don’t know which way to turn…stay at your current job or find a new one? move house…stay… and somehow they all seem to come at once.

Decision making can cause incredible stress. So much that we end up doing nothing… procrastinate and stay stuck…

And when we avoid making decisions it easily becomes a life long habit… and as a result we learn to play small, don’t take risks and too often we let life decide for us, instead of taking an active role in our lives. This is where we sell ourselves short… not making choices 

So right here and now lets make a decision to make choices… ones that serve us…help us grow, evolve and live our best life daily!

Every tiny change can have a massive change on your life today, tomorrow and set you up well for the future.

Start today… it’s never too late to change!





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