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Welcome…ย  “Live the Life You Love” website – author Andrea Preece

Whether you dream of travelling, learning to sing, getting into the best your shape of your life or discover how to change your thoughts so you can start over or, redefine your life…etc… you’re in the right place.

Live the Life You Love Andrea Preece

Before we begin I want to say that I know life isn’t perfect. It can be tough… challenging…

Together we’ll explore everything that will help us look at life in a different light so we can live a life we love. We’ll share real experiences, tips, stories and “how to’s” to make the very best of life.

We’ll cover mind, body andย soul, as well, I’ll tell you about my favorite personal development courses.

My for Starting This Website…

As a coach I help people change their lives! By starting this website I can share what I know in hopes that it will help anyone that reads it. Why?… because when we are the best version of ourselves, we are the ripple of change… when we know better… we do better… we affect all that we come into contact with… and they in turn do the same.

This is the way we can change the world.

The smallest changesย can have a massive impact.

Who Am I

I’m Andrea, a wife, mother, daughter, life coach and so much more…

Like most of you I want to live with purpose, and, make an impact… I’m a human who has experienced much in this short life… it’s impossible to sum it all up in a few words…

As I child I was curious about people… what they love… what would they do differently…ย  even before coaching was a thing I was asking the questions coaches ask…

I’m not sure if it’s Saggitarius but I have a need to know more… about everything… I am passionate about animals… travel… the Universe, Manifesting, and well, I could go on all day ๐Ÿ™‚

But, as the blog grows you’ll get to know about me…

In the meanitime, lets get back to you. I invite you to visit often, add me to your email list andย please share with your friends, post on your Facebook page…

I am looking forward to our journey together,

Live the Life You Love <3



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